RFCI Meeting April 12, 2017 with Adrian Hunsberger: Good & Bad Insects

RFCI Miami

RFCI Miami

We are pleased to have Ms. Adrian Hunsberger as our guest speaker for April’s RFCI meeting, her topic is Good & Bad Insects.

Ms. Hunsberger is the Urban Horticulture Agent and Master Gardener Coordinator at the University of Florida, Miami-Dade County Extension office in Homestead, Florida. Adrian holds a BS degree in Horticulture from Virginia Tech and a MS degree in Entomology from the University of Florida. Adrian has over 13 years of research experience at the University of Florida using biological and organic pest control methods.

April 12, 2017, Adrian Hunsberger: Good & Bad Insects

We welcome donations of edible plants and fruit for raffle and fruit dishes for the tasting table.

Rare Fruit Council International (RFCI) Upcoming Speakers 2017-2018

*** Saturday April 15, 2017 RFCI Field Trip Members Tour at The Kampong, 9 am, $15 fee to National Botanic Gardens ***

May 10, 2017, Jeff Wasielewski: Pruning Tropical Fruit Trees

June 14, 2017, Dylan Terry: Growing a Food Forest

July 12, 2017, John Goss: Heliconia and Ginger Plants ~ Turmeric and various ginger plants for sale

August 9, 2017, Patrick Garvey (Florida Keys): Mini Documentary & Update on Grimal Grove

September 13, 2017, Dr. George Fitzpatrick: Making and Using Compost in South Florida

October 11, 2017, Toppy a/k/a Norman Fell: Old time farming techniques

November 8, 2017, Thanksgiving Open Board Meeting & Pre Ramble Planning

December 13, 2017, Holiday Party

January 2018, Chris Rollins: TBA

February 2018, Matt Snow: Hands on Grafting Workshop

March 2018, Carolyn Capola: Herb Farming

April 2018, Jonathan Gambino & Rachel Middleton of Three Sisters Farm (Redland): Growing Tropical Fruits in South Florida

May 2018, Jorge J. Zaldivar of Guavonia Guava Grove (Redland): History of Guavas & Seed Introduction in Florida

June 2018, Scott Lyons: of Sublicious Farms (Ft. Lauderdale): Specializes in growing mushrooms & preparing Kombucha. Items for sale at the meeting

July 2018, Alexander Salazar of Tropical Acres Farms (West Palm Beach): Growing The Best Mangoes

August 2018, Mike Heckart of Wicked Mikes Edible Plants (Miami): Discussing Solanaceae / nightshades. Plants will be available for sale.

MEETINGS are Second Wednesday of the month, 7:30 PM at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden (FTBG) in the Science Village Auditorium next to the Butterfly Exhibit.

For more info link up with us on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/RareFruitMiami


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