Upcoming Speakers – revised 4/5/16

  • 730pm
  • Fairchild TBG in the Science Village Auditorium
  • Open/free to the public

December 9, 2015: Holiday Party

January 13, 2016: Dr. Randy Plotz: “Banana Diseases” 

February 10, 2016: Chris Rollins: ” Jakfruit and related species.”  

March 9, 2016: Margie Pikarsky: “Growing Organically”

April 13, 2016: Mike Winterstein – Mangoes 

May 11, 2016: Dr. Robert McMillan: “Mango Diseases” 

June,8, 2016 : Maurice Kong and Matthew Snow: Hands On Air Layering Workshop 

July, 13, 2016 : John Mills, with the TFVRS, will discuss Laurel Wilt Disease: John 

August 10, 2016 : David Hardy: Pest control as it relates to fruit trees.  

September 14, 2016: Joshua Marano an archaeologist who is doing work at the Biscayne National Park will talk about the development of early agricultural settlements. 

 October 12th, 2016 : Noel Ramos; Topic to be determined.

 November 9th, 2016 : Open Board Meeting / Thanksgiving Dinner

December 14th, 2016 : Holiday Party


Dear Fellow RFCI members and fruit enthusiasts.

 We need your help!  For the first time, The Rare Fruit Council International (RFCI) can’t afford to print our Tropical Fruit News Publication, due to rising expenses and production costs.  We are in need of approximately $15,000 to cover printing cost for the remainder of this year. I know we all prize this valuable resource, so the full magazine will be available digitally via email for everyone to  enjoy.

Please send your email address to Laura at laurab5911@gmail.com so we can send you the magazine electronically until printing can be resumed.

Apparently, last year many members did not receive their annual renewal notice. As a result, less than half paid their membership dues. Your membership dues are a major contribution to paying expenses, as we are non-profit. If you received a magazine and have not paid your 2014 dues, please pay them now.

Also, the 2015 membership dues are currently due.  Although they are due by September 30th, paying earlier would really be appreciated. Please consider this your renewal notice. We are currently forming a new Membership Committee to eliminate this problem in the future. Please remit your dues to Laura at the address below.

In the meantime please consider making a donation to the RFCI so we can resume printing our publication.

For information on making a donation, paying dues or placing an ad in our magazine please mail or contact Laura at: 

                                            Rare Fruit Council International

                                                       PO Box 660506

                                                Miami Springs, FL  33266


                                                    786 301-0141

We will be listing donors in our publication, unless requested not to.            

Gold Donors $500 and up

Silver Donors < $500.

Thank you for your continued support,


Matthew Snow, President RFCI



Membership Rates:

Individual        $45

Family             $55

Foreign           $55

Supporting    $100

Lifetime         $500


Color                  1 issue         3 issues        6 issues

Full page              $360           $320             $300

1/2 page              $220            $195            $180

1/4                       $ 125           $ 110            $100

Rates are per issue, 20% discount for renewals 2 years and beyond

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